March 24

“I am Not Making Enough”, have you ever been infected by this virus?

We have all at a certain point in our life been infected by the virus of “I am Not Making Enough”. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, not loveable enough, not making enough money, well, you get the point. Feeling not good enough is one of the universal fears that affect humanity. It happens to all of us, even to the most centered people on the planet. And believe me, there is no quick fix vaccine for it. and we feel that we have failed ourselves.

How do we rid ourselves of this, “I am Not Making Enough” virus, most of us ask? Some of us just learn to live with it lingering in the background of our minds. Others just put a band-aid on it and distract themselves with other activities to make them feel significant. Either way, it is a ticking bomb waiting to explode to take us back into that deep dark hole again. Well, rest assure there is a way to fight this virus and all you need is your amazing mind.


To rid ourselves of this virus, we must address it at its core. We need to feel and understand that we are good enough, for this is the cure to this emotional virus. “So how do I do that?” you ask. How do I stop feeling that I am not enough? Well, let me tell you something, it is a matter of changing your mindset from ” I am not good enough” to ” I am good enough”.


The Power of the Mind

Everything happens in the mind first and the mind is the most powerful tool you can ever have. Thinking that you are not good enough creates an emotional response which in turn creates more not-good-enough thoughts. By repeating the same thoughts and emotions, this not-good-enough feeling becomes second nature.


To break this vicious cycle, you need to become familiar with how the brain works and how to respond to it. Here are 3 simple steps that you can include in your daily life to rid yourself of this virus and adopt an “I am Enough” mindset.


3 Simple Steps to follow:  


1. Your mind likes familiarity.

Your mind likes to create habits. Feeling not good enough has become a habit for you, and your mind is reminding you of it all the time. As it recognizes this familiar feeling, it will give you more of what is familiar to it. Change the story you tell about yourself. Tell the story of the person you wish to become. Every time you experience those negative feelings and thoughts, acknowledge them. Redirect them to the new positive feelings instead. The new person you wish to become.


2. Your Mind responds To Your Self Talk

Choose your words and what you say to yourself very carefully. You are always listening to yourself. Whatever you tell yourself, your mind is believing and it will look for more evidence to strengthen what you are saying to yourself. For the mind, you are always right and it will always prove that you are right, no matter what you say. Choose a “mantra” that feels right to you and repeat it to yourself every day.


3. You Can Change your Mind.

This is where you take control of your mind. As human beings, we are more susceptible to criticism and negativity. We tend to reject praise and absorb criticism. Praise yourself every day, it doesn’t have to come from others, you can praise yourself for every little task that you do. Give yourself praise for you are an expert at brushing your teeth in the morning. Praise yourself for you are talented at making your own coffee. There are heaps of ways that you can praise yourself; be bold and creative.


As you embrace and implement these 3 simple steps and choose to live by them every day, there will only be massive positive changes in your life.


Remember it is a choice, you get to choose what you want to be. Choose to be the best at I AM MAKING ENOUGH“. 

Our next article will show you how a Financial Coach can help you achieve your life goals and feel that you are enough.



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