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Money Coach

Prisca Languila (Financial Money Coach)

Money Coach

My Mission Is Simple

To help you gain control over your money one day at a time, so you don’t let the lack of it control you forever, because your financial future is worth it. 

Money doesn’t make or break a life, but it controls so many aspects of our existence. It impacts how you parent, what school district you live in; whether you can afford the sports lessons the kids need for their dreams to succeed – the list goes on.

By becoming financially confident and secure, money will no longer control the way you live your life, you become the driver of your own life.

My Story

My siblings and I were raised to believe that we can have anything we wanted, and my parents really did everything they could to give us what we wanted, even to the detriment of their relationships.

That belief was really challenged after the breakup of their marriage.

My journey over the last 25 years has been quite an interesting one, there have certainly been a lot of emotional and financial challenges, throughout my life. In 2017, I was suddenly thrown into the most mentally taxing year of my life, and after hitting rock bottom I realized that something must be changed, it has to change now and it has to be me, and that the only way out was to start over again and drastically change not only the way I handled my finances but also my relationship with money.

As a single mom, I wanted what was best for my two beautiful children, so I pulled myself together and hustled to change my life around.

It was not easy – between a part-time job, side business, and being a full-time mom, I was constantly on the move, and on top of that money was scarce. I hated it but I knew there was a better way of doing things. Even though I couldn’t find the light at the end of the tunnel, financially speaking, I made a commitment to invest in myself, and this was the best decision I’ve taken in my whole life, to put myself first because I am my most precious asset. I realize that in order to help others, I must first fill my own cup. So, I invested in myself.

I read books after books, did a lot of research, and acquire new skills and knowledge to become a better person. I change my habits, my beliefs, and my old stories, and paid all my debts. I transformed my relationship with money and for the first time in my life, I had become financially stable. That’s how I decided to share my skills and knowledge by starting my own Financial Money Coaching Business.

We all know that it is never about “the money”. and that money cannot buy happiness but it can definitely buy you freedom and options. Freedom of choice. To choose how you want to live your life, to create the life that you want on your own terms, to achieve your goals and dreams.

Maybe you want financial stability, financial security, financial independence, financial freedom, more choice, and options, whatever your goal is!

This is where I come in!

Everyone’s situation is unique and different… there is no one size fit all in financial money coaching. I am here to help you achieve your financial goal using strategies to bust beliefs, create a new perspective, rewrite your money stories and achieve financial confidence.

I am also a member of the Financial Coaching Network to support me in continually becoming a better financial coach through continuing education, implementing coaching best practices, and other resources.

I’d love to work with you!

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