Empowering Women To Gain Financial Independence

Financial Stress

Financial coaching for women who lack confidence and direction

I help women who feel unsupported and give them the tools to rise out of their situation

My clients are women who feels unsupported in their life, often with children, and who lack the knowledge and skillset they need to find financial independence and freedom. Living paycheque to paycheque can be tough and cause financial stress and worry, but my clients leave our coaching sessions feeling empowered and in control to make real long-lasting changes in their lives. If you are experiencing the following situation, you are in the right place.

Some Statistics

According to research from Fidelity International

It was found that women feel locked in toxic jobs or relationships due to their financial circumstances. Read about the full article here.

Women, especially single mothers, often need help finding the confidence they need to be assertive and make decisions for their financial future. Making smart decisions and having their numbers in order, but what many coaches don’t understand is that women who need financial help also need emotional support and encouragement just as much as technical advice. As someone who has been in your situation before, I’m in a perfect position to provide you the support you need.

Financial Worry

Financial Realities of Divorce

From all the research out there, we now know that nearly half of marriages nowadays end in divorce, and in most cases, the financial consequences experienced by women are quite alarming. The legal aspect of dealing with the divorce procedure is very expensive and can take years to recover from such financial hardship. The emotional stress and financial burden proved to be the number one cause of health problems in women. 

While the majority of divorced women will retain custody of their children, the only option available to them is to reduce their standard of living to the most basic needs.

How Divorce Threatens Your Financial Stability:

Research also shows that women who have had financial coaching experienced more happiness, joy and fulfillment in their life. Improved quality of life, improved health conditions with better satisfation and life balance.